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Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA
Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA

Beaverstate Entrega trasera automática Duo Rd 4650

Precio original $1,800.00 - Precio original $1,800.00
Precio original
$1,800.00 - $1,800.00
Precio actual $1,800.00

Beaverstate  Sistema de entrega trasera Duo Rd 4650

“Los filtros/reguladores deben pedirse por separado”

  • Características del sistema de entrega posterior:
  • Acceso deslizable para servicio
  • Selección automática para 3 piezas de mano
  • Control de agua refrigerante de pieza de mano individual
  • Ajuste de presión de pieza de mano individual
  • 1 de cada HVE y SE
  • Control de pie suave al tacto de velocidad variable
  • Recipiente de vacío con pantalla extraíble (usa una pantalla 131-052)
  • Cambio principal de encendido/apagado
  • Válvulas enchapadas en latón para una larga vida útil
  • Tubo para pieza de mano de asepsia, plata esterlina (especifique recto o enrollado/plazo de entrega de 2 semanas)
  • Tubo umbilical de 7 pies
  • Garantía de 5 años

Beaverstate Automatic Rear Delivery Duo Rd 4650

Elimine la estación de la pieza de mano con tubos
Tubo umbilical adicional (por pie)
Tubos Silcryn
Jeringa adicional
Centro de utilidades (sin carcasa ni cubierta)

BDS warranties its product to be free of defects in material and workmanship for SEVEN FULL YEARS from the date of purchase on all units. Auto-blocks and standard foot controls are covered by a LIFETIME warranty when factory installed as part of a complete dental system. Upholstery has a TWO YEAR warrany and does not cover normal wear, stains, cuts or tears. Our LED lights
have a FIVE year Warranty and our halogen light has a ONE year Warranty.   Operatory chair motors feature a TEN year warranty. All warranty is limited to repair or replacement by BDS. Products returned to the factory and determined to be defective will be repaired or replaced free of charge at discretion of BDS. The warranty does not cover light bulbs, electrical components and trimmed or installed tubing. BDS reserves the right to void all warranties if any product is installed by other than an authorized technician. BDS' warranty does not cover damage to any surface finish, including but not limited to, discoloration or abrasion from cleaners, disinfectants or light sources. No claim for labor or consequential damages will be allowed. Return items must include a copy of the invoice or packing slip as proof of purchase.

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