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Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA
Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA

Tuttnauer TIVA2-H TD Washer Disinfector

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$7,028.00 - $7,942.00
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Tuttnauer TIVA2-H TD Washer Disinfector OEM 112002042 

TIVA2-H TD Under Counter Washer

TIVA2 TD Counter Top Washer

Purchase a Tuttnauer TIVA2H Under Counter Thermal High Disinfector Washer (23.4"W x 21.3"D x 32.2"H) and receive a $250.00 Rebate. Offer ends on March 31st, 2021.

Dental and medical practices need strict cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of instruments before they can be used on patients. Thermal High Disinfection employs moist heat above 1940 for a minimum of 5 minutes to kill bacteria and viruses in the washing phase. The Tiva line provides: - Thermal High Disinfection to achieve a complete decontamination cycle. - Minimizes consumption and operation costs while maximizing sustainability - Improves user experience with an advanced control system and an easy to use interface



Disinfector Line
High-end washers for the decontamination of complex instruments
The timely delivery of sterile goods is crucial for dental clinics and medical practices. Tiva 2 washer disinfectors provide a flexible turnkey solution for washing, disinfecting and drying diverse medical instruments for a complete decontamination cycle.

Top Performance on a budget

The Tiva 2 disinfector is a top performer that minimizes consumption and operational costs while maximizing sustainability. Tiva 2 improves user experience with an advanced control system and an easy-to-use interface, simplifying a staff’s mission and reducing processing time; and uses the highest quality materials providing a safe and efficient process.

Washing chamber made of high quality AISI 316L
Long lasting 65 liter chamber with manual glass door

Touch control
Touch panel with color graphic display with a total of 40 programs (preset and programmable)

Effective drying
Air drying prefilter + HEPA H14 filter ensures that your equipment is thoroughly dried

Reduced cycle time
Preheated tank for cycle time reduction (only for HS model)

Detergent dosing
2 Dosing pumps with flow meters for alkaline detergents and neutralizer. Additional pump optional for TIVA2-H TD.

Provides complete & total evacuation of previous water

TIVA 2 Washing Process

Utility Requirements

Water Connections

  • Cold water connection for TIVA2 (default)
  • Connection for demineralized water
  • Integrated Water Softener with Salt Box
Electrical Connections
208+240V 1-Phase 60Hz

Tuttnauer TIVA2-H TD Washer Disinfector

Manual Sterilizer: 1 year parts and labor
automatic Sterilizer: 2 years parts and labor
Disinfection Washer: 2 years parts
Ultrasonic Cleaner: 1 year parts and labor

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